OSU Class Data Explorer - Created by Ethan Hampton

This is a web application that allows you to explore the data provided by mirrorkeydev/osu-grades acquired through a FOIA request for Oregon State University classes. I wrote a brief blog post on how to go about FOIA requests at Oregon State. The data included for exploration is for OSU courses between Fall 2018 and Spring 2023, and only includes classes with 10 or more students. Hopefully this will help your class forecasting in some way! The original idea came out of the unoffical OSU Computer Science Discord server, where people wanted to know more details about the courses that they were taking.

Please note that the data provided by FOIA requests isn't always accurate/reliable over time. There are several classes with missing data that I haven't been able to pin down yet.

This application is still in development. This application is under a AGPLv3 license. For all you CS majors out there (or anyone who writes code), PRs are welcome! If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, please contact Ethan Hampton at [email protected]

Please join the Discord server to discuss future development and plans!

This website is in no way affiliated with Oregon State University.

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